Learn More About Morrin Law Injury Help App!

by | Dec 1, 2019 | CarAccident | 0 comments


Little in life is as overwhelming as the moments immediately following a car crash. That’s why one Kentucky attorney is making sure those who download this new app are never alone when they are in car wreck.

Attorney Rob Morrin, of the Richmond, KY law firm Morrin Law Office, has developed a free mobile application for your smartphone that will use your phone’s sensors to detect a collision and automatically alert the driver’s emergency contacts when the driver is in a car accident.

“This new app makes your phone function a lot like OnStar only it’s free and instead of a stranger checking in on you after a high impact collision you will get a call from someone you trust and love,” Mr. Morrin said.

“More than 30 percent of those who have suffered a serious car accident could have avoided permanent impairment or even death, if they had only received more timely medical care,” Mr. Morrin said. “That’s why app is so vital to the community. It has the ability to help save lives.”

The key feature of the app is clearly the Automatic Car Crash Detection system. This allows the app to recognize an accident the second it happens using the phone’s built-in accelerometer and GPS and notify the user’s listed emergency contacts via text message, even if the app is operating in the background. Using sophisticated car crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it can easily distinguish between a hard brake and a true accident.

As some added benefits the Morrin Law Injury Help App also allows its users to conveniently document the scene of an accident: photos, videos, location, and vehicle/contact information for the other driver, any witnesses, and the reporting officer. One may also find and contact the nearest emergency services–such as the nearest ER or hospital, towing companies, and more. It also allows users to readily store license and proof of insurance information, review frequently asked questions and accident advice, and even record any trip like dashboard camera using the camera in your smartphone.

The Morrin Law Injury Help App is available for download on Apple and Google Play stores. For more information about the app or Morrin Law Office services, contact Rob Morrin at [email protected] or 859-358-0300.