Madison County Attorney Offers New Entrepreneurial Scholarship to Graduating Seniors

by | Apr 20, 2021 | NEWSLETTER | 0 comments

RICHMOND, Kentucky – Attorney Rob Morrin, of Madison County law firm Morrin Law Office, is offering a biannual $1500 scholarship awarded to one deserving high school senior.

Beginning this April, a qualified applicant will identify how they will use the funds to start their own company and/or advance their own entrepreneurial pursuits, demonstrated in a brief essay (750-2000 words). There are no application restrictions beyond proving your high school senior status.

“I’m passionate about supporting young people with big dreams and ambitions,” Morrin said. “My entrepreneurial spirit is what allowed me to pursue my own career path so doggedly, and I want to help others early on in their own paths to success.”

Applications are due by May 5, 2021, and one winner will be announced by May 7, 2021. Payment is contingent upon accepting the scholarship in person.

If you or someone you know qualify, applications can be submitted directly through the Morrin Law Office website here:

For more information about the scholarship or Morrin Law Office services, contact Rob Morrin at [email protected] or 859-358-0300, or visit their website at