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Accidents with Injuries to Minors or Children

Accidents that cause serious injuries to children are especially traumatizing for all involved. If someone else caused the accident injuring your child, our Kentucky personal injury firm will help you get the best medical treatment for your child and pursue the compensation your child needs to make a full recovery and move forward from this horrible accident.

The amount of your settlement depends on many factors, such as how long it will take your child to heal and if any of their injuries have permanent symptoms. The Morrin Law Office injury professionals will talk to you free of charge to help you determine if private representation is right in your situation. During the free case evaluation we will answer any questions about insurance and medical bills, explain exactly how we add value with our representation, explain how fault is determined in Kentucky, and help you determine if private representation is right in your situation.

Our Kentucky accident lawyer can help you recover for your child’s injuries

If your child is hurt because of someone else then your injured child qualifies to recover for two primary categories of damages after their injury: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages for your child’s medical care and more

This category includes whatever financial losses you incurred due to the accident. Common examples include:

● Medical expenses for any past and future treatment your child may need to save their life, heal their injuries, mitigate symptoms, or deal with psychological trauma
● Loss of wages if you or your spouse needed to stay home to care for your injured child
● Projected costs of caring for your child long-term if the injury will prevent them from ever living independently or require ongoing medical treatment
● Repair expenses if the accident also resulted in damage to any of your personal property (e.g., your car was damaged in a car accident)

Non-economic damages may also be available to you

This category encompasses any and all physical, emotional, or mental harm your child suffered during and since the accident. Common examples include:


  • Pain and suffering for both the physical and psychological toll the injury has had on your child
  • Disability if your child has temporarily or permanently lost the use of any body part, or if they have suffered an intellectual disability stemming from a head injury
  • Reduced quality of life if your child’s injuries prevent them from enjoying their favorite activities, will affect their education or career, and so forth
  • Scar tissue if the injury has left behind any permanent marks that affect your child’s appearance or physical capabilities

Calculating damages from your child’s accident

How can you prove that your family has a right to recover damages? We can collect evidence from as many sources as possible to support your personal injury case against the liable party. Examples of such evidence may include:


  • Your child’s medical records, including medical images like an MRI or x-ray images and medical billing as well
  • Testimony from your child, you, and anyone who witnessed the accident
  • Testimony from experts in relevant fields (e.g., a physician)
  • Police reports, if applicable
  • Video footage from surveillance cams, traffic cams, or witness cell phones
  • Photos taken by you or witnesses
  • Receipts or bills from products or services you only needed because of the accident


Using this information, we can prove both the severity of the injuries and the liable party’s fault. This, in turn, will make the insurance company much more likely to cooperate and offer a fair settlement.

Holding the liable party responsible for your child’s injury

Our Kentucky accident attorney at the Morrin Law Office can perform all necessary legal tasks related to your case and other tasks that help maximize the quality of your medical treatment and the amount of financial compensation you recover. This includes:

  • Assessing your case for free: Anyone whose child has suffered an injury is welcome to call our office and find out how we can fight for them.
  • Keeping in touch with you: Our clients always come first. You can expect frequent contact as we update you about the case and check in to see how you and your child are coping.
  • Determining applicable insurance policies: It’s common for two insurance policies to apply to injuries caused by cars or motor vehicles. Sometimes three or four different insurance policies apply but Kentucky law provides a very specific procedure to make claims on all of the policies available. If these procedures are not followed then you could lose those additional claims, which could mean an additional $25,000, $100,000, or more.
  • Figuring out who to sue: There may be one or more at-fault parties, depending on what type of accident your child suffered and how the accident happened. We can investigate the accident to clarify all of its causes.
  • Meeting with the insurance company: We can let them know about your lawsuit and negotiate a fair settlement. This way, you do not have to worry about arranging meetings or facing the liable party yourself.
  • Arranging a trial: In the event that we cannot negotiate a fair settlement, we can take the liable party to court. This involves scheduling court dates, finding witnesses to question on the stand, and filing appropriate motions.
  • Managing paperwork: We can draw up a settlement agreement and submit any other forms that need completing throughout the course of your lawsuit.
  • Negotiate medical bills: When your private health insurance pays for treatment related to an injury, like a really bad car accident or serious dog attack, they are usually entitled to reimbursement for that treatment out of any related settlement, according to the insurance contract you signed with them. Sometimes they even try to claim reimbursement for unrelated treatment. We make certain they are only reimbursed for the treatment related to the accident that caused the serious injuries, and we can usually negotiate the overall medical bill down substantially using the Whole Person Doctrine and other legal arguments under Kentucky law. Sometimes a single, well-crafted negotiation letter can reduce a reimbursement claim submitted by health insurance by $30,000 as we were able to do for a previous client.

In most cases, you have one year to start a personal injury lawsuit, according to Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 413.140(1). Our personal injury lawyer for Kentucky children can handle all aspects of your legal case and make sure your child gets the best quality medical treatment that we would want for our own children. After an accident involving your child, you have more than enough to take care of as you look after your child’s recovery, driving them to their appointments and making sure they follow all doctor recommendations.

We handle various childhood injury causes

Minors or children can suffer injuries due to many different kinds of accidents. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), childhood accidents often occur due to:

  • Burns
  • Playground injuries caused by other children or from insufficient padding or mulch
  • Traffic accidents, including car accidents and bicycle accidents
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Injuries from pools such as cerebral hypoxia or drowning

Such accidents are sometimes unpreventable, but in all too many cases, they are caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

Who may be liable for injuries to a minor in Kentucky

The Morrin Law Office represents clients who have experienced accidents resulting in broken bones and fractures. To see if you qualify for a free injury claim consultation, call (859) 358-0300 whenever you are ready to begin. Our injury professionals are devoted to making Kentucky a safer place for everyone, and that includes helping people like you make a full recovery to your best life while also recovering fair compensation.