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Uber accident lawyer in Kentucky

After an Uber car accident, Kentucky accident victims may find themselves dealing with mounting medical debt and diminished income as they recover from their injuries. With the Morrin Law Office, our goal is not just about getting your bills paid, but getting you back to your life, whole, healthy, and happy. Your healthy recovery is just as important to us as your financial recovery.
Our injury professionals help clients all across Kentucky. We will determine who is responsible for your rideshare accident and file injury accident claims with all liable insurance companies. We also offer a free, initial consultation to answer any questions you may have regarding the insurance claims process, medical care, and the possibilities of filing a lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a rideshare accident, call an experienced Kentucky Uber accident attorney today.

How does seeking compensation differ in an Uber accident case?

Initially, handling your accident claim with an Uber driver may seem to be the same as dealing with any other collision in Kentucky. Your first option is still to seek compensation through an insurance claim before the state’s statute of limitations, Kentucky Revised Statutes § 304.39-230(6), expires in two (2) years.
However, there are multiple insurance policies involved in a rideshare accident, and the process for submitting an insurance claim depends on which policy, or policies, is in effect, making it challenging to determine liability.

Can you hold Uber liable for a rideshare accident?

Drivers for Uber must carry personal auto insurance, which is often the primary source of coverage in rideshare car accidents. If the Uber driver was not logged into the app when the collision occurred, you would file a claim under their personal car insurance policy.
The company does provide its own coverage under specific circumstances for when one of its rideshare drivers is at fault. Whether the Uber liability policy or the driver’s personal automobile insurance coverage applies depends on the driver’s status at the time of the accident. Specifically, Uber’s coverage applies when:
● The driver was waiting for a ride request: The driver’s own automotive liability coverage is the primary policy in this situation. In addition, Uber covers up to fifty thousand ($50,000) per person for bodily injury, one hundred thousand ($100,000) in bodily injury per accident, and twenty-five thousand ($25,000) for property damage.
● The driver accepted a ride request or had a rideshare passenger in the car: From the time an Uber driver accepts a ride request to when they drop the rideshare passenger off, Uber’s auto insurance provides up to one million ($1,000,000) in third-party liability coverage.
Whether it’s the driver’s or Uber’s auto insurance policy, or even a third party, we make certain to file a claim with all liable parties.

Suing for damages after an Uber collision

Filing a lawsuit may be necessary if any of the insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement or deny your claim altogether. Our injury professionals will push to settle your claim, but we prepare your case to go to trial. Ultimately, our goal is to get you back to living your life.
Our Uber Accident Lawyers can help you navigate a case involving Uber (H2)
While you are healing and returning to your life, we will hold the at-fault parties accountable for your damages. We provide the following services to Kentucky car accident victims:

Evidence collection and case building

If there is evidence that the Uber driver caused the accident, our injury professionals will obtain it. We will start by compiling any evidence you may already have, such as photographs of your injuries and vehicle damage. We will also seek out:
● Statements from witnesses to the accident and expert consultations
● Medical records confirming and outlining your injuries, your prognosis, and any necessary medical procedures, surgeries, and therapy
● The accident report from law enforcement
● Video footage from any possible nearby traffic and surveillance cameras
● Information regarding the Uber driver’s status leading up to the collision and any past reports filed against the driver
Once we have the supporting evidence to show the cause of the accident, the at-fault parties, and who is liable, our injury professionals will file a claim to all liable insurance companies.

Damage calculation

Your physical wellbeing is our primary goal, but we also want to make sure your recover compensation for your time away from work and a means to pay for your health care. We will account for expenses and losses you are already experiencing, as well as those you are likely to face in the future.
We want you to heal without stress, which is why we take extra care when identifying your damages. For example, we will:
● Review your medical bills and related expenses, from emergency room visits, hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, and specialists’ care
● Consider the cost of any future complications, surgery, or treatment you may need
● Calculate your current lost revenue and possible future lost revenue while recovering
● Evaluate how your injuries will affect your future earning abilities and career prospects, such as the loss of mobility or cognitive ability
● Use industry standards to place a value on your pain and suffering and other intangible losses
With a clear understanding of the accident’s impact on your life, our lawyer can confidently enter negotiations on your behalf.

Settlement negotiations with the liable party’s insurer

The decision to accept or deny a settlement will always be yours, but you will never have to deal with an insurance company, their adjuster, or their client directly when we handle your claim. Our injury professionals will handle all filing, communicating, and negotiating with them to protect the integrity of your case.
You should know that even with a strong claim, insurance companies can be slow to offer a fair settlement offer. When they do offer a settlement, we advise you not to take the first offer if it doesn’t address your damages appropriately. Also, if at any point we feel that securing a fair offer may be impossible, we will help you decide whether to proceed to court.

Working with the Morrin Law Office after an Uber collision

Past clients across Kentucky praise our approach to legal services:
● “Morrin Law Office is professional, honest, diligent, kind, and simply the best! Robert truly cares for his clients and works hard to do what is best for them.” – Jennifer B.
● “They are quick to respond, never treated me like I was just another case. My questions and concerns have always been answered clearly, they have always gone the extra mile for me.” – Jessica Z.
● “I have had many occasions for receiving excellent legal advice from the Morrin Law Office and have often referred clients there.” – Bob M.
We also invite you to review our book Fighting for Justice: Winning Car Insurance “Games.” Learn more about your next steps following a car accident. Plus, we offer a free accident notification mobile app, which informs your emergency contacts when you have been in a car accident using your cell phone’s sensors.

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The Morrin Law Office is here for our Kentucky accident victims. Our lawyer can guide your case through the Uber claims process so that you get the health care you need. Experience the difference for yourself when you reach out to our office for a free, complimentary consultation. We want to hear about your case today. Call (859) 358-0300.