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Truck accident lawyer in Richmond, Kentucky

If you or a loved one is recovering from injuries from a truck accident in Richmond, Kentucky, you may be due compensation that will help you pay your medical bills, replace your lost wages, and more. Morrin Law Office’s truck accident lawyer in Richmond, Kentucky, will help you navigate the legal process so that you can hold the liable party accountable for your damages and seek financial recovery from them.

Hiring an attorney from our office will ensure you protect your rights and exercise your legal options. We offer prospective clients a free consultation where we explain how we will help them file a claim with the liable party’s insurer or a lawsuit for their losses. We require no payment up front to start on your case, and we don’t receive payment unless we recover for you.

Kentucky truck accidents often cause serious injuries and deaths

Vehicle accidents happen as motorists travel Richmond’s roads, such as U.S. routes 25 and 421 and nearby I-75. The city gets its share of commercial traffic as trucks pass through while en route to their destinations. Unfortunately, the area also sees its share of truck accidents.

There has been ongoing construction on Interstate 75 and especially the I-75 bridge between Fayette County and Madison County. Construction and hazardous construction zones can cause seriously dangerous driving conditions and increase the likelihood of car accidents and semi truck accidents.

Richmond, the seat of Madison County, ranked No. 8 for the most commercial motor vehicle-involved collisions between 2016 and 2018 in Kentucky. Overall, trucks accounted for 4% of all collisions in the state in 2019, according to Kentucky Traffic Safety Data Services‘ report for that year. The large vehicles weighing at least 10,000 pounds also accounted for 9% of vehicles involved in fatal crashes. According to the report, nearly 179,000 commercial trucks are registered in Kentucky.

Truck weight is a major reason why accident injuries are serious

While accidents happen regularly, getting into one with a commercial truck is no ordinary event. Whether the commercial vehicle is an 18-wheeler, a fuel tanker, or another kind of truck, these vehicles often pose a danger to smaller vehicles on the road.

Per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), riders in smaller passenger vehicles often suffer severe injuries and fatalities in accidents involving large trucks.

The average truck is at least 20 to 30 times heavier than passenger cars, says the IIHS. They also can legally carry up to 80,000 pounds of weight, per the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT).

Truck driver error is the primary cause of large truck accidents

A recent study published at Kansas State, as reported by Claims Journal, analyzed commercial truck crash data over five years. The researchers found that 73% of truck accidents involving a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle, like a UPS or FEDEX truck, are caused by the truck driver’s mistake or an issue that could have been avoided had the truck driver followed the rules.

Some of the causes of truck accidents are:

  • Poor spatial awareness and inattention to road conditions, such as during lane changes and passing vehicles, were the largest cause of driver error
  • Improper driver etiquette and behavior, such as failing to yield, speeding, tailgating, and risky lane changes, comprised the other top causes

Reasons why truck accidents occur in Kentucky

According to the Kentucky Traffic Safety Data Services’ report, defective brakes, tire failure, and load securement were the highest contributing factors in most of the state’s truck collisions in 2019. It is worth noting that 10,689 truck-related factors, such as those listed, were involved in crashes in Kentucky. They also were involved in 106 fatal collisions and 1,419 nonfatal injury crashes.

If any of these truck-related factors were involved in your truck accident injury, our Richmond, Kentucky truck accident attorney will work to prove your case against the parties responsible for your accident.

How our Richmond, Kentucky, personal injury lawyer will help you

Morrin Law Office will build your case for financial recovery. We want to see injured Kentuckians receive fair compensation that will help them rebuild their lives after a devastating accident. We will take on your entire case and work for recovery on your behalf as you heal from your injuries.

Once you become our client, we will:

Investigate your truck accident case thoroughly

It is common for truck companies to send a response team to the crash site soon after it happens. This team is sent to gather information that defends their truck driver. Our personal injury lawyer can also be on the scene for you, looking for information that helps us determine who was involved in the accident and what led up to or caused it.

We will interview witnesses, camera footage of the accident, if available, and photos. We will also review accident police reports and other documents that support your case.

Manage all communications in your case

We will represent you in all meetings with the liable parties and their representatives and handle all emails, phone calls, and more for you. This ensures your rights remain protected, as we are always looking out for you.

We will address the insurance adjusters and legal representatives for the liable party. We will update you on all case developments and help you understand what the changes mean. We will also explain how the law applies to your case and answer any questions or concerns you have.

Review insurance policy information and offer guidance

We will review your insurance claim and explain what compensation may be available after reviewing the truck company’s liability insurance coverage. Federal law requires commercial trucks to carry more liability insurance than passenger car owners. This could lead to more financial recovery if you have been seriously injured in a truck accident. We will file claims with all liability insurance policies on your behalf.

File your lawsuit by Kentucky’s statute of limitations deadline

You have two years from the date of the accident or your last personal injury protection (PIP) payment to pursue an injury lawsuit in Kentucky, per Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 304.39-230(6). If you are filing a wrongful death action, you have one year from the victim’s death or within one year from the appointment of an estate representative or administrator to do so, per Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 413.180.

If you miss these deadlines, you risk losing your chance to seek recovery for your damages. Our Richmond, Kentucky, truck accident attorney will file all essential case paperwork for you so that you don’t miss a deadline.

We will identify the liable parties in your Richmond truck accident

Truck accidents are often complicated because more than one party could have contributed to or caused the accident. Our truck accident lawyer in Richmond, Kentucky, will work to identify all liable parties in your collision. The truck driver who hit you may not be the only person we can hold accountable. Other parties could include:

  • The driver’s employer or contractor
  • The company that made the truck or the truck’s mechanical parts
  • The repair shop or the crew hired to load the truck
  • The municipality responsible for the upkeep of the road where the crash occurred
  • Another party who contributed to the accident, such as another driver

The cause of your truck accident will help our injury professionals determine who is responsible for it. We will also prove how these parties were negligent based on the evidence in your case. The evidence must show the liable party had a duty of care to keep you safe on the road but failed to meet that duty. We must also show this failure caused or led to an accident that brought compensatory damages upon you.

We will pursue evidence that is in the truck company’s possession

Having legal representation on your side can also ensure you get the evidence you need to prove your claims. In many cases, the truck company has this evidence. If this is the case with your accident, we will send a spoliation letter that demands the company preserves the evidence, which could include:

  • The truck’s black box or data recorder
  • The truck’s maintenance records
  • The driver’s logbook
  • The driver’s driving record
  • The driver’s work and training history
  • Results of the driver’s alcohol or drug test

Our lawyer will review all logbooks, maintenance records, training records, employment history, and federal trucking regulations to determine negligence and liability.

Damages you could recover in a Richmond truck accident case

Everyone injured in a commercial truck accident in Kentucky is entitled to recover compensation from the truck insurance company for financial (economic) and non-financial (non-economic) damages you or your family member suffered. Several factors determine the value of your case. Among them are the severity of your accident and injuries as well as your recovery time. If you have a permanent injury, how your injuries and losses will affect your life for the long term is also evaluated.

Your damages could include:

  • Medical expenses (past and ongoing)
  • Lost income or reduced earning ability
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering (physical and emotional)
  • Funeral and burial expenses (for a loved one who perished in the crash)

Our Richmond, Kentucky, truck accident attorney will evaluate all damages in your case and determine what your case is worth. We will look at all bills related to your accident and injuries and estimate the time you’ve lost from work. We will also estimate how much these injuries and losses will cost you over time, even the ones that can’t be measured in dollar amounts, such as pain and suffering.

    You may have to decide whether to accept a settlement

    Once we have a figure for a settlement, we will request it from the insurance company. This number will inform you of whether a settlement offer is too low for your needs. If so, you can continue to negotiate or file a lawsuit to recover fair compensation for your truck accident if necessary.

    Keep in mind that if you choose to accept a settlement, you cannot seek further payment from the insurer or the opposed party. We provide information and legal guidance in this matter but you ultimately will choose whether to settle or push forward to a jury trial.

    Different Types of Trucks Involved in Accidents

    Thousands of trucks travel on Richmond’s roads as they make their way through the state, transporting goods and other items. Some of the ones commonly involved in accidents include:

    Flatbed trucks

    Flatbed trucks are used to carry oversized loads of heavy materials of any kind. These include construction materials, such as lumber, or farming equipment, such as a tractor, or military equipment, such as a tank or other large vehicles. Sometimes, on-road accidents involving these trucks occur when cargo falls off the truck’s cab, injuring motorists.

    Fuel tanker trucks

    These large trucks carry thousands of pounds of flammable materials, including diesel and gasoline. They can also carry non-flammable liquids, such as milk, sugar, flour, and cement.

    In some crashes, partial loads of liquid can imbalance the tanker, making it hard for a driver to maneuver should they brake suddenly or make a turn. Liquids can also move around in the tanker, pushing or rolling the truck forward after a driver has stopped. This can be particularly dangerous if a smaller vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot.

    Tractor-trailer trucks

    These trucks haul heavy cargo and are called “18-wheelers,” “semi-trailers,” or “big rigs.” The truck is a combination of two parts. The large truck pulls a semi-trailer that carries the load.

    Tractor-trailers’ ability to carry cargo weighing thousands of pounds at high speeds makes them dangerous vehicles. Drivers also spend many hours on the road, making them vulnerable to tiredness or distractions, including eating or talking on the phone.

    Tow trucks

    Tow trucks transport cars, trucks, and other vehicles that are in need of service for various reasons. The vehicles they transport may have a flat tire, no gas, or just need repairs. Some of the cars towed may have even been in an accident.

    As with other truck types, tow trucks can experience mechanical issues and improperly loaded cargo, which can both cause accidents. Mechanical issues can include tire problems, compromised tie-downs that are worn or broken, or transmission failure.

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    You do not have to take on the large truck companies and their team of “investigators” and lawyers on your own. We are prepared and experienced in standing up to the insurance and trucking companies on behalf of hurt Kentuckians and those who are hurt in Kentucky truck accidents. Call Morrin Law Office at (859) 358-0300 today for a free case evaluation and to get your questions answered about your truck accident.