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Dog Bite and Animal Attacks ATTORNEY IN RICHMOND, KY

Who is responsible for medical bills and injuries caused by a dog bite or dog attack? If you, your child, or your mother or father have been injured by someone’s aggressive dog, regardless of the breed, then the owner is responsible for the damage caused by their dog’s behavior according to our strict liability law (also known as our dog bite law).

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Animals, whether a large dog, cat, or a tiger, have a special relationship with their owners. This makes an unexpected bite or attack even more traumatizing and stressful for both the owner and the victim of the attack. Thankfully, Kentucky law indicates that dog owners are responsible for injuries and damages caused by their dog: Any owner whose dog is found to have caused damage to a person, livestock or other property shall be responsible for that damage.

However, if it’s determined that the victim actually antagonized the dog or was somehow responsible for causing the dog to be alarmed and attack, then such context can cause a decreased recovery for injuries in such a situation. What if I’m attacked by my neighbor’s tiger he “obtained” after watching Tiger King? In Kentucky, strict liability (holding the owner of the animal responsible for all conduct of the animal no matter what) is only applicable to dogs. If your neighbor thinks he’s Joe Exotic and his big cat gets out and attacks you or a member of your family then you will likely need to file a civil lawsuit against your neighbor since his homeowner’s insurance will almost certainly exclude damages caused by illegal activity such as owning a tiger in Kentucky. Immediately following a dog bite in Richmond, Kentucky or the greater Commonwealth, the first step is always to report the incident by dialing 911 and alerting the local animal control office.

Document everything.

Document the bites, scratches, cuts, and bruises by taking pictures with your smartphone or camera. As soon as you’re able, seek out professional legal advice to guide you through your medical recovery and correspondence with the insurance company. What kind of insurance policy will cover medical bills caused by a dog bite? It is most common for homeowner’s insurance and renter’s insurance to cover damage caused by an insured’s dog. If you are a dog owner or are considering owning a dog then you should contact your insurance agent to make sure you are aware of your policy’s insurance language regarding dog attack liability. Some insurance companies exclude coverage for injuries caused by certain breeds of dog such as the American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier; breeds commonly referred to as “Pit Bull” breeds. What if I was seriously injured badly by a dog but the owner doesn’t have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance? In 2017, the Kentucky legislature passed a statute amending Kentucky law so that landlords are no longer strictly liable for their tenant’s dogs but are only liable under the common law if the landlord 1) knew of the dog’s vicious or mischievous propensities and 2) had control over the area when the attack occurred. This is bad policy because many tenants do not have renter’s insurance and this policy leaves many victims of dog bites without any way to pay for medical bills or be made whole.

Should you contact a lawyer?

How do you know if you should call a lawyer about your injuries caused by a dog attack or animal attack? If you require medical treatment, then it’s likely worth your time to have your claim reviewed by an injury professional who handles injury claims every day. If you have some kind of permanent scar, permanent symptom, permanent impairment, or if you have broken bones, a concussion, or needed surgery, then you should almost certainly contact a top personal injury lawyer in Kentucky. While our personal injury dog bite law firm is located in Richmond, Kentucky, we operate a modern injury law firm that takes advantage of the latest technology to keep our client’s safe in a post COVID-19 world. Text or call us at 859-358-0300 or message us on Facebook for a 100% NO COST case evaluation and claim estimate. We are able to operate remotely using e-signature technology from your smartphone or computer. We work hard every day to help hurt Kentuckians with the cutting edge technology, software, and strategies of which the century-old law firms usually aren’t aware. We do things differently at the Morrin Law Office, and our clients love the difference!