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Richmond motorcycle accident attorney

According to data from the Kentucky State Police, 42 motorcycle collisions occurred in Richmond, Kentucky, since January 1, 2020, which resulted in 26 injuries and three fatalities. Motorcycle accidents can be serious for motorcyclists since they only have minimal protective gear beyond helmets. If you or a loved one got injured in a motorcycle accident, you may qualify to pursue compensation for your damages.

At the Morrin Law Office, we advocate for injury victims in Kentucky because we have seen other firms fail to adequately represent the rights of the injured and the insurance companies treat hurt Kentuckians only like numbers that can decrease their bottom line. Our Richmond motorcycle accident attorney can review your case to create an argument that holds the appropriate party or parties liable for causing you injury. Learn more about your legal options to file a claim or lawsuit in Kentucky. Your case journey can begin with a free case review with one of our injury professionals.

Kentuckian motorcyclists are vulnerable to negligent drivers on the road

In 2020, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) teamed up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to bring awareness on how many motorcycle accidents occur in the state, noting:

  • 1,501 motorcycle collisions occurred in 2018.
  • Of these crashes, 322 people were injured while 88 motorcyclists passed away.
  • In 803 crashes, at least one other vehicle besides the motorcycle was involved.
  • Preparing paperwork and filing the claim
  • Speaking with the insurance adjuster and building a case for compensation
  • Negotiating a fair settlement, when possible
  • Preparing a filing a lawsuit, if necessary
  • Representing our client at trial

While there are state laws that mandate motorcyclists must wear helmets and other drivers must be mindful of motorcyclists on the road, motorcycle drivers remain vulnerable to larger vehicles’ blind spots, drunk drivers, and environmental factors.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Kentucky

Common causes of motorcycle accidents in Kentucky include:

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to check blind spots for other drivers before merging or turning
  • Failing to leave enough braking distance to safely come to a stop
  • Inclement weather, such as rain, fog, or snow
  • Failing to assess how fast a motorcyclist is approaching before making a left turn in front of them

If one of these or another causal factor led to your motorcycle accident, our injury professionals can work to identify who is at fault for the accident and liable for your damages. Our Richmond motorcycle accident attorney can then help you retrieve evidence to support these claims for compensation.

You may qualify to receive compensation for your accident-related damages

Many motorcycle accident victims prioritize getting compensation for their medical expenses and property damage to their vehicle. However, there may be other damages you qualify to claim in your injury case. Our Richmond, Kentucky personal injury lawyer can review a copy of your accident’s crash report and listen to your personal grievances about the accident to assess which damages to pursue in your case.

For example, accident victims may claim these types of damages:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Wages lost while the victim was in physical recovery
  • Future income loss if the victim has long-term or permanent injuries that prevent them from working
  • Reduced earning potential if the injuries affect the victim’s ability to perform regular work duties, causing them to be demoted or forced out of their career
  • Current and future pain and suffering
  • Property damage to the motorcycle and other property the victim owns
  • Emotional distress, including psychological trauma
  • Diminished quality of life, including loss of enjoyment in hobbies and activities

Other types of damages may focus on how your motorcycle accident injuries affected your personal relationships and ability to live independently. If you developed a permanent disability because of your injuries, we want to reflect the impact your disability can have on your life.

Families can pursue compensation on behalf of late loved ones

Motorcyclists are at risk of being fatally injured during collisions, and surviving families can face many painful challenges after the loss of a loved one. If you would like to file a wrongful death action on behalf of your late loved one, our injury professionals want to help you hold the defendant liable for additional damages, such as:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of income
  • Medical debts inherited

We aim to be respectful to your family as you grieve your loved one’s passing by handling your case from start to finish so you don’t have to stress any more in a very difficult time.

Our motorcycle accident lawyer in Richmond, KY can manage your case

At the Morrin Law Office, we provide these legal services to build your motorcycle accident case:

  • Reviewing the crash report for the accident and other information (e.g., insurance policies) to identify the at-fault and/or liable party, your policy limits, and key argument points
  • Investigating your accident to retrieve evidence to support your claims, such as traffic or dashboard camera footage, photos of your injuries and the accident scene, and witness testimony
  • Handling communications with the defendant’s insurance company and attorney to protect your case while it is ongoing
  • Negotiating with the defendant’s legal professionals to work out a settlement deal
  • Filing paperwork to submit your case to the civil court system in Kentucky
  • Appearing in court to present your case in front of a jury

If you have additional questions about our services, we can discuss them during your first free consultation.

Kentucky’s statute of limitations requires you to file your case in a set timeframe

In Kentucky, there is a statute of limitations for vehicle accident cases, found in Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 304.39-230(6). According to this rule, plaintiffs have about two years from their motorcycle accident date to file a lawsuit against another party to pursue compensation. Alternatively, plaintiffs may file within two years from their last personal injury protection (PIP) payment to their insurance company.

If you fail to meet one of these deadlines, a judge will dismiss your case. Filing late would also give grounds to the defendant to request your case’s dismissal, which if granted, would absolve them of liability. Should the defendant be absolved of liability, you will be barred from pursuing compensation from them and would have to cover your damages yourself.

Is there a separate statutory deadline for wrongful death cases?

Yes. If you are filing a wrongful death action on behalf of a late loved one, Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 304.39-230 dictates that you have two years from your loved one’s death (or when an estate representative or administrator was appointed) to file a lawsuit. If your family member died in another way that doesn’t involve motor vehicles then their family has one year from the date of the death or the appointment of a representative to the estate of the deceased family member to settle the claim or otherwise file a lawsuit.

If other factors exist in your motorcycle accident case that might shift its statutory deadline, our office will inform you and take appropriate legal steps to file your case on time with the Madison County Courthouse.

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If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident in Richmond, Kentucky, our injury professionals want to manage your case. Our Richmond motorcycle accident attorney will prepare an argument against the liable party and advocate for your right to receive compensation for the damages you endured because of the motorcycle accident.

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