In Loving Memory of My Wife

by | Dec 1, 2019 | Local News | 0 comments

With an absolutely crushed heart, I am writing this painful announcement of the passing of my dear wife, Brandi Sherée Morrin, on June 28 of 2019, far too soon at age 28.

Brandi improved who I was effortlessly. She was my companion in humor, food, good, bad, gain, loss, and above all, she was my confidant, best friend, and the completely dedicated mother of our three boys, Robert (6), Wyatt (3), and Henry (turns 1 on August 25th). Brandi loved to laugh and smile, and I loved making her laugh and smile. We enjoyed communion in our love of witty humor and quips, criticisms of the easily offended, offensive and absurd rap music, changing the words to popular songs and making them about our boys, and our boys; we loved sharing stories, updates, accomplishments, and pictures of our children. Our love for our family was fierce and unbreakable. We will miss her very dearly, but we choose to be thankful for our Brandi and the time we had. I choose to be better because of her. Many have asked what they can do for me and the boys. Friends, please fiercely love those you have with you now. Please, consider showing compassion and love to someone you might be tempted to dismiss. Remember this tragic loss we are enduring as a community and use it to motivate your ability to love others.