Want to Rent an Electric Scooter? First, Know the Rules!

Those who are riding a scooter in Lexington, Kentucky are required to obey all applicable traffic laws. A Lexington, KY bicycle and scooter ordinance requires scooter riders to travel at 15 mph or less when operated and to follow the same set of road rules that apply to bicyclists on the roads. Similarly to riding a bike, when riding a scooter one is not required to wear a helmet but every rider should since doing so has been proven to prevent terrible head injuries when there is an accident, as concluded by the Bicyclist Safety on US Roadways report released last month by the National Transportation Safety Board. Scooters made available to rent are called rideshare scooters or dockless scooters, and they are being used as convenient, clean energy transportation alternatives in cities throughout our nation. Currently in Lexington, Neutron Holdings, Inc. rents “Lime” scooters and Skinny Labs Inc., a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, is renting out “Spin” scooters to the public. Scooters are very popular for those who are looking for a clean, convenient transportation fix within city limits, but they can cause serious traffic accidents when a scooter rider is not wearing their helmet and they get hit by a car. This often happens when the person who rented the scooter did not take the time to review the Lexington scooter riding rules or maybe the rider is riding a scooter while drunk, but a serious injury can occur even if the rider was obeying all of the traffic rules and statutes.

These injuries are so severe because, for some unknown reason, there is legal no requirement for riders to wear helmets while riding a scooter they rented in Lexington, KY. For this reason, one of the most common injuries are brain injuries and concussions. If you’ve experienced a head injury from a scooter accident or any other car accident then you should be aware of the signs of a traumatic brain injury after an accident so you may treat your injury properly and in a timely manner so you do not permanently lose your cognitive function abilities. If you have hit your head in a scooter or car accident then it’s very important you obtain treatment and professional supervision for 24 hours after your head injury. You may need immediate treatment or you may not display symptoms initially and begin to display serious symptoms within the first 24 hours that were not evident upon your initial examination. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, traumatic brain injuries are the leading cause of death and disabilities in children and young adults in the United States; don’t risk leaving your head injury untreated. If the insurance company will not cover your medical bills after a head injury then contact the Lexington, Kentucky personal injury lawyer who works every day to help injured Kentuckians recover from serious brain injuries. Call or Text 859-358-0300 to determine whether or not you need your own personal injury attorney after your head injury.