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August 4, 2022

When do I need to hire a personal injury attorney after a car accident?

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This is a video in our LawTok series: Straight Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Video Transcript:

Hey guys. Rob Morin here, your favorite personal injury attorney in Kentucky. I want to talk to you about when you need to hire a personal injury attorney after a car accident.

If you’re in a car accident and you need to go to the ER, especially if you take an ambulance, you probably need to go ahead and talk to somebody who handles car accidents every day. Why? Because we can make sure that you get the best quality of care and you don’t step any traps that the insurance company lays out for you, such as failure to treat or large gaps in treatment. They’re glad to let you kind of languish and go on and not get better because then, under Kentucky law, they can deny paying you what you’re owed. Make sure you get that treatment and you talk to a professional as soon as possible after a car accident.

Another issue is if your pain or injuries don’t resolve pretty quickly, or get better. I’m talking within three days after the accident. If you’re still having a sore back or it’s getting worse or not getting better, go ahead and talk to a professional who handles these every day. I want to make sure that we add value and we get you back to your best life. But I can’t come in after the fact, after you’ve had maybe three months of no treatment, and come in and do a magic trick and make sure everything’s okay. I need to be involved early on. I want to get you better.

If you break a bone or you need surgery, talk to a professional who handles this every day. The insurance company is going to push back on you no matter what. If your claim is denied, talk to a professional. If you have questions in general, give my office a call. I’ll talk to you for free. We don’t bill just for initial consultations. I’m glad to point you in the right direction. Hey, if I can get you a whole payout without my involvement, I’ll gladly do that. That’s not my experience in terms of what the insurance companies do, but I’ll make sure that you’re well equipped to handle it on your own if that’s something you’d like to do.

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