3 Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

by | Sep 7, 2022 | LawTok | 0 comments

This is a video in our LawTok series: Straight Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Video Transcript:

Hey folks, Rob Morrin here with Morrin Law Office, your Kentucky personal injury attorney. I want to talk to you about a question I’ve be getting a lot is, how do I hire an attorney after a car accident? Well, let me talk to you about three mistakes people make when hiring a car accident attorney after a serious injury accident in Kentucky. So first, hiring based on name recognition or just what you remember, you saw somebody on a billboard. Well, you know what? It doesn’t really take a whole lot to get those billboards, takes a few thousand dollars and you got it for six months. Second, who do I remember? Oh, I saw this attorney on TV. Same concept, they buy that spot, it has nothing to do with their credentials or how successful they are for their clients. Third. Well, this attorney’s got a really great mascot. And I remember this mascot, it’s this wonderful animal. And that’s my favorite animal.

Don’t put your health in the decisions of whether or not someone has a mascot or an animal. Because guess what? They’re a human just like me. They don’t turn into this tiger or eagle or whatever it is they’re calling themselves. They don’t turn into this tool. (They might turn into a tool.) But, that is not an accurate and solid basis for whether or not you should hire somebody after a car accident. You want to look at things like Google reviews. What have their clients said about them? You want to look at their website: do they hold themselves out to be injury professionals? Do they hold themselves out to be car accident professionals? Or are they taking, I’ll do your divorce, I’ll do your bankruptcy, I’ll file your LLC. Because if they’re doing everything, they may be able to handle your car accident claim, but they are not the person that you want handling your car accident claim. Just because you remember them, just because you can think of them, doesn’t make them the best candidate.

Do your research, ask around, look at Google reviews, and you’ll find there are certain individuals who actually do this every day, and they can provide the best result for you.