How much is my personal injury case worth?

by | Sep 7, 2022 | LawTok | 0 comments

This is a video in our LawTok series: Straight Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Video Transcript:

Hey folks, Rob Morrin with Morrin Law Office. The question I’m getting a lot of is how much is my personal injury case worth? This completely depends on how significantly you were injured in the accident that wasn’t your fault. How much treatment are you going to need? How much time do you put into home exercises? How much time do you invest in visiting with specialists? Are you going to need surgery? These are big indicators of how much your case is worth. Very early on, it’s very hard to tell when you’re not at MMI, the medical community calls it maximum medical improvement.

Basically, after an injury, your health goes down, right? You get hurt. But then you start treatment, you start getting a little bit better. At some point, it plateaus, okay? You’re not getting better, you’re not getting worse, but you’re at maximum medical improvement. At that point, I will have you sign a medical release authorization, allow us to go back into your medical records and determine what your doctor has said, what they’re indicating about your future and how is this injury going to impact your life. That is the number one indicator.