Injured Passenger in a Car Accident: What to Do

by | Dec 16, 2022 | LawTok | 0 comments

This is a video in our LawTok series: Straight Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Video Transcript:
Hi, folks. Rob Morrin here, Kentucky’s personal injury attorney. I want to address those who are passengers in car accidents and who sustain an injury after a car accident or during a car accident in which they need treatment. Now, if you’re a passenger in a car accident, a lot of folks don’t realize that you almost certainly have a claim after the car accident, either against your driver’s insurance or the driver of the other vehicle’s insurance. Now, whether or not it’s worth it to actually pursue that claim is the question. First, are you hurt? Did you get treatment within a reasonable time after the car accident? And are you needing continued treatment? If you can answer yes to those questions, then it certainly makes sense for you and your bottom dollar after a car accident to talk to a professional.