The Number 1 Reason Inusrance Companies Deny Legitimate Claims

by | Dec 16, 2022 | LawTok | 0 comments

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Video Transcript:
Hi folks. Rob Morrin here, your Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney. I want to talk to you about a question we get a lot of, which is, what is the number one reason car insurance companies deny legitimate car accident injury claims?
The number one reason that I see most of the time is either failure to treat shortly after an accident, usually within a week, or you go to the ER maybe right after an accident. They tell you to follow up with your primary care physician and you wait a month or three weeks or two weeks even before you do that. I see car insurance companies and adjusters frequently deny it all together, or they will just pay pennies on the dollar. That’s the number one reason. Make sure that if you’re in a car accident and you’re hurt, that you go get treatment and you follow your care plan.