Who’s at fault in a Kentucky rear end collision?

by | Dec 16, 2022 | LawTok | 0 comments

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Video Transcript:

Hi, folks. Rob Morrin here, Kentucky’s personal injury attorney. I want to talk to you about what happens and who’s at fault when there’s a rear end collision. If you’re rear-ended by another driver and you’re otherwise driving lawfully, then it’s almost always the other driver’s fault. It’s almost always worth it to at least go to the ER to get checked out, or your primary care physician to make sure that you’re not hurt permanently and not going to have health issues long term.

One exception to this, and this is a big exception, is if you’re driving and you rear-end a semi-truck vehicle or you rear-end a commercial vehicle like a FedEx truck or UPS truck or US PS truck, something that is on the road, usually a large truck, large van or something like that, that is on the road for commercial purposes, especially if they are parked on a street they shouldn’t be parked on, or if maybe they’re broken down and they haven’t followed the federal regulations in terms of putting out enough hazard triangles to warn the public that they have a broken down large vehicle. If that’s happened to you, you need to seek professional help. Someone who handles these kinds of claims every day to make sure that there’s not an avenue forward to get you back to your best life and have the insurance company pay for that.