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April 6, 2023

How do I obtain hit and run insurance compensation?

Morrin Law Office

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This is a video in our LawTok series: Straight Talk with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Video Transcript:

If you were in a hit and run accident, it’s very important to check and see if there were any witnesses who may have noticed what type of vehicle it was, or were able to record the license plate. Or if you were around any businesses or homes, check the Ring doorbell video camera, check the security cameras. That’s something that we would do for our clients to make sure that if there’s a chance that we can have someone else’s insurance pay for this hit and run, we will do that.

Now, hopefully everyone has purchased what’s called you have an uninsured motorist coverage. This is applicable in such situations where you have a driver, maybe a drunk driver, who’s hit you and has taken off because they’re inebriated and they don’t want to get in trouble. Then your uninsured motorist coverage would apply and treats them as an uninsured motorist, and usually folks get that amount of 25,000. You can increase that. I would encourage most people to go ahead and get $50,000 worth of liability, uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist coverage.

Even if you don’t do that, here’s a quick tip for buying car insurance. You should always, always have added PIP protection. You can get an additional $10,000 of personal injury protection that comes to you in case you’re in an accident. That’s what you really need to be concerned about. Sure, you want protect your assets and make sure that you can cover the medical bills of anybody that you’ve hurt from negligence and driving your car the wrong way. But if you don’t have any additional insurance whatsoever on your car, you should at least get the added personal injury protection benefits.

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