What if the car insurance company denies my claim?

by | Sep 7, 2022 | LawTok | 0 comments

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Video Transcript:

Hey, folks, Rob Morrin with Morrin Law Office here, your Kentucky personal injury professional. A question I’m getting a lot of recently is, “Well, what if the car insurance company denies my claim?” Because you can submit your claim on your own, no worries, they provide an easy way for you to do that, and that way they know, “Are you represented or not? Are you going to take this claim to a professional or are you going to try to handle it yourself?” Well, listen, these insurance companies in the United States make over 280 billion, with a B, per year in profits based on your premiums and denying your insurance claims because why? They know that most people don’t want to go talk to a lawyer period, much less a personal injury. Like, you’ve seen a bunch of us on the TV with hammers and with all these mascots, “And I’m a tiger and I’m a bull and I’m this,” whatever. I add value, that’s what I do for my Kentucky clients, and we are focused on maximizing the claim payouts for insurance.

Now they know that you don’t want to talk to an attorney so they want to meet you in a middle ground, and usually, that middle ground, even if you have a $50,000 claim, I’ve seen it before, I promise they’ll offer $1000 to you or $1500 to you if you’re representing yourself. So it makes sense to call somebody who does this every day and get a free consultation and just figure out, “Hey, are they BSing me, or do they owe me a lot of money?”